White Living Locket 4x6 Photo Frame

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Every picture has a story to tell! Honor a special memory, milestone or loved one in your life with our Seasonal Exclusive Living Locket® Photo Frame. Designed to display a Living Locket that has special meaning to you or a Locket that was created to commemorate a specific day--your wedding day, a child’s birth, a graduation, a milestone anniversary or birthday, or to memorialize the life of a loved one who has passed--add a 4x6” photo that tells this story and attach any necklace Living Locket on the included peg to this one-of-kind frame. This makes a special keepsake that is perfect for gifting! {Dad and Grandpa or the “non-jewelry wearer” can now enjoy a Living Locket just for them! P.S. It looks great on a desk or on a shelf!}

Product Information

  • Attach the Living Locket of your choice - compatible with all necklace Living Lockets - Locket not included
  • Fits single 4x6" photo print
  • Total size: 9in x 5.25in x 1in
  • Gloss White Finish
  • SKU: AD1001

Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl

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